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Cheapest Electricity rates are achieved ONLY with an Online, Real-Time Reverse Auction between 10 to 15+ Electricity Suppliers – its a FREE Service (takes less than 10 minutes). And regardless of how low a rate you are offered, there is never an obligation to accept the final bid.

Those Bothersome Electricity Salespeople Are Now Obsolete !!

Register for an EMEX Reverse Energy Auction – its Free – then watch several National Energy Supplier bids flood in as they compete with each other in real-time for your business.

Don’t waste your time chasing down quotes or running RFPs or paying expensive “Energy Consultants” to maybe find you a LOWER rate. An EMEX Auction discovers THE LOWEST electricity rate possible in minutes AND with full transparency.

That’s exactly what EMEX (the Energy Marketplace Exchange) will do for YOU in the privacy of your own office. Electricity Suppliers are placed into a real-time, hyper-competitive, online, transparent Reverse Auction environment with each other that just naturally obtains lowest electricity rate available.

Make some popcorn. Grab a Beverage and watch the “Game” in real-time as several National Electricity Suppliers repeatedly outbid each other, driving down your Electric Rate, as they fight with each other to get your business.

And, It’s A Free Service

The EMEX Reverse Auction process automates the entire process of getting you the Cheapest Electricity rate possible. In less than 10 minutes, you can put an EMEX Reverse Auction to work for you. Then watch its progress minute by minute.

Sit back and watch the show as the Marketplace goes to work getting you the Cheapest Electricity rate available. Watch those Electricity Suppliers battle it out with each other for the privilege of selling YOU their electricity.

It’s nice being in the driver’s seat. An EMEX Reverse Auction puts you in control of your energy costs and brings increased profits directly to your bottom line.

Use More Than 20,000 KwH Annually?

If you use more than 20,000 KwH combined annually, you can schedule your EMEX Reverse Auction to start in a few minutes, a few hours or a few days. Whenever is most convenient for you. Accomplish in minutes what it used to take weeks or months and thousands of dollars to accomplish.

Suppliers must bid against each other Openly and Interactively in Real-time for YOUR business. EMEX’s Reverse Auction technology, creates a very competitive, hyper-active bidding environment between 10 to 15 or more Electricity Suppliers which ensures a Win/Win situation for you and them.

EMEX is accessible online on any day at any time making it simple for any Business to get the LOWEST possible Electricity Rate. Every EMEX Electricity Supplier is a Publicly Traded Company.

Use More Than 500,000 KwH Annually?

Saving Money Cheapest ElectricityIf you use more than 500,000 KwH combined annually, it will take a few extra days to organize your EMEX Reverse Auction. As you might expect, at this level of usage and above, Electricity Suppliers become much more personally involved in the Reverse Auction process. The stakes are higher and the battle is more intense.

You benefit by being assured of paying the LOWEST Electricity Rate possible at that moment. They benefit by being able to openly compete in a true Marketplace with their competition.

With an EMEX Reverse Auction, it’s like watching the Big Game on your TV. But, instead of just two opposing teams, this Battle Royale can have upwards of 10 to 15 or more Nationally known Electricity Suppliers. The contest is directly between these Electricity Suppliers themselves in an open, transparent, online, real-time bidding environment.

30% Savings Are Not Unusual

You could save up to 30% and more on your Electricity Rate. And, electric rates are currently at 10 year lows. Now is the ideal time to lock in these low rates for years to come.

The EMEX is a FREE SERVICE which completely automates the process of getting you the Cheapest Electricity rate possible. No expensive “Energy Consultants” required.

The transition to a different Energy Supplier is merely a matter of a change in what is printed on your monthly Electric Bill. Nothing else changes. The same people continue to read your electric meters and the same people continue to answer your phone calls if a service interruption occurs.

Getting Started Is Easy

Get Started Cheapest Electricity

To Get Started, all you need is the information available on your most recent Electric Bill. If you wish, you can get more specific and specify your usage on a meter-by-meter basis. If you are already using an alternate energy supplier, find out when your current contract with them expires.

No need to share your private information or sensitive business data with strangers. You can do everything from the comfort and privacy of your own office. Of course, we’re always here to help. Like they say, a real Person when you want one, Technology when you don’t.

If your business has MULTIPLE LOCATIONS, you can include ALL of your meter information from each different location into a SINGLE QUOTE for even better pricing.

Check It Out – There’s No Obligation

Even if you have more than a year remaining on your existing contract with an alternate energy supplier, you owe it to yourself to see where Electricity Rates are these days.

If you have less than a year remaining on your current contract, you can lock in today’s low rates or at least find out where you stand. Aren’t you curious just how MUCH you could be saving? Schedule your EMEX Reverse Auction today.

Bill Elliott - Your Energy AdvocateCheapest Electricity Marketplace ExchangePut it to work today. Click here to visit EMEX. And please feel free to give me a call. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.
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